Sunday, August 1, 2010

my poor blog.....

This poor ol' blog is sure being neglected.  I actually miss it.  But I have been VERY busy lately.  Some good things, some bad.  Just thought I'd share a little of what I've been upto and why my poor blog is so pathetically ignored lately.

Mama, though doing over all MUCH better, has had more bad weeks then good recently.  Which takes up a bunch of time when that happens.  I try to spend every second with her possible when shes having a bad time, and being that I'm staying down here with her for that very purpose right now makes being with her all the time pretty easy lol.

My brother and his family recently moved an hour and a half away.  So we met up and took the girls to Busch Gardens since we never get to see them anymore.
We even brought mama. (who was having a very good week at the time.)

We bought a new truck!! Which I am totally in love with.  We got it at an auction through my brother in-laws father who owns a dealership. Totally worth it money wise....not to much worth it by way of time, stress, and confusion.  Im not so good with spending hundreds of hours on the internet looking for a car, going down to the auction with a list of cars you might like and hoping you end up with a good one.  Very Stressful.  But like I said, TOTALLY worth it as far as money goes.  We got WAY MORE than we thought we would for our money and REALLY appreciate it!!

Mamas new thing is redecorating her house.  I think she constantly needs a project to keep her busy lately.  Good luck to my dad when I go home, haha.  Anyways so we have been doing lots of work.  I did her guest bedroom completely by myself.  My brother and dad helped with the floor, but thats all...and I even did some of it.  I'm pretty proud of how beautifully it turned out!!
this is BY FAR my favorite part.  I stripped, sanded, painted, and antiqued my nanas old cedar chest....all by my lonesome. I LOVE the way it turned out, and I double love the way the little pile of shell filled vases looks on top of it.
I also covered her two rocking chairs and couch, and made pillows for them...I still have to cover the ottoman.

* I staple gunned this much tighter, but I havent taken any more pictures since then....but you get the idea.

We had our first bon fire smore roast with Alyvia the other night.
She said the fire was too hot and wouldnt even try the smores haha.  She did enjoy eating the ingredients separately, however.

If that's not enough to keep you busy I also have been baking (of course)! and AS SOON AS I GET A COUPLE MINUTES I will be doing a tutorial on this cake, and making misc. item out of fondant for "CAKE IT PRETTY" on Bird Crafts.

* please excuse the q-tips that were holding up the guitar while it dried. hehe

and if that wasn't enough, Alyvia is currently sleeping next to me with a 102.5 fever that I can't seem to get to break.  (which is the only reason I'm awake right now). 

So please forgive my neglect.  I miss my blog.  I'll be back on track soon....i hope! :)