Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby shower gift!

I made this wall hanging as a baby shower gift for a friend of mine.  I didn't take any pics of it until right before the shower like the dork that I am.  Luckily it was super easy, so it should be easy to explain.
I found a 12"x12" wooden square at Michaels.  Some Cute fabric and a wooden K and acrylic paint at Hobby Lobby.  Some E-6000 Glue from Michaels. Some Ribbon.  A staple gun, and 1/4 and 1/2 inch staples. And spray adhesive.

First I sprayed the front of the square with spray adhesive and glued the fabric to it.  Then I stapled the excess fabric to the back of the square with the 1/4 inch staples so that it wouldnt go all the way through.  Then I painted the K green (which I had to make the proper color by mixing off white, lime green, and brown).  Then I glued the K on to the fabric with the E 6000 glue.  Then I stapled the K on from the back with the 1/2 inch staples.  Be very careful when stapling the K on that you done miss the K and just put holes in your fabric.  I then cut the ribbon to hang it from and stapled it to the back of the square.  Next I cut another square of fabric and folded the edges under so that it was just a bit smaller than the wooden square (about 11 1/2x11 1/2) I put it over the back of the square and covered all my ugly staples and just stapled it in the four corners so that those four staples are the only four you see.  And then I tied the bow which I learned how to do by googling "tying bows" and found a tutorial on you tube....which I would link but I cant remember which one I used....theres lots on there that are essentially the same. Last I hot glued the bow to the corner of the ribbon and WA LA! I really think it turned out cute!