Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ahoy there cup cakes!!

So I helped my friend make a cup cake tower tonight for her sail boats birthday party coming up this weekend. I LOVE the way it turned out and i have to admit that Im pretty proud of myself for coming up with it.  "toot toot" (thats me tooting my own horn).  Anyways here is how we did it.....

First we cut four strips of card board. 2 shorter than the others.  And taped them together at the ends with duct tape.

Then we traced the top and duct taped that on.
(ps please excuse my shirt my sunburn on my shoulder was bleeding.)
We cut up red and blue bandanas and used spray adhesive to glue them to a poster board we had cut out like sails. We laid the squares slightly too close together so we could cut the excess into fringe to give it a patched look.
I covered the boxes with that brown post office wrapping paper (that I CAN NOT remember what it's called right now) which was kinda difficult because of the shape but turned out ok.
Then I poked a hole in the top of the top box and stabbed a bamboo stick through (that we broke off of a butterfly net from the dollar store) duct taped the bottom, and hot glued the top.
Then I used the Cricut to cut out Initials and a 1 and hot glued them on, on top of a white ribbon.
To put the sail on we hot glued the white ribbon between the sails, then behind that hot glued some card board so the sails would stay the right distance apart, and hot glued that on to the stick.  Then we tied some white ribbon into a hole we hole punched to make it look like it was tied on. 
We had to hot glue another white ribbon from the back of the stick to the back of the top boat so that the sail would stand up straight since it was heavier on one side.  And TADA! I LOVE IT.  I can't wait for the party saturday its going to be adorable.  YAY


  1. Super cute idea! Stopping by from Anything Related! ;)

  2. Alright, that is seriously the.coolest.cupcake.stand.ever!! I want one! Seriously fabulous! I just stopped by from Today's Creative Blog. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Great project, but it looks like you forgot to put a link to the Boardwalk Bragfest party. Please try again! Thanks!

  4. This is so cute. What a great idea for a birthday party!

  5. So clever! It looks great!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

  6. Very very cute! Great job! :)