Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sail Boat Party, Matey!!

Last weekend Lawson Beau turned 1!  His party turned out amazing.  I can't take credit for all of it, unfortunately, only some of it.  We had a FANTASTIC time crafting and preparing for this party.  It was so worth it, it was adorable and so fun! Here is some of what we did!!

The smash cake was made out of one of those giant cup cake pans with a fondant sail boat on top.  I did a tutorial on the cup cake stand HERE. The banner was cut out with a cricut and hot glued on to ribbon. She made origami sail boats and put life savers in them for treats for the tables, and also gold fish.
She made a "say ahoy to our little boy" box as a keep sake for everyone to write notes to him and she'll keep it until his graduation day.  there was a fishing net under the food.  Anchors hanging outside. She made him a sailor shirt, and gave sweedish fish as the favors. They had slip and slide and baby pools for kids to play on. The list goes on.  I loved this party I think it was soo cute, Thanks Taylor for letting me be a part of you and LBG's special day!!


  1. Super cute party idea!!!!
    I love the colors!!!

  2. LBG is really sooo adorable!!

    Love the party colours and the sweets table!!

    Neisa and Co, you guys did a fantastic job!!
    Maybe cake fairy is fairy?!! :D

    Thanks for linking up!!

    All my love,