Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess!

So my daughter just turned 2!! (i still dont know if there should be a happy for a sad face after that sentence.)  She is in love with all things princess, so a princess party it was!! Now, I had tons of ideas for this party.  Most of them turned out wonderfully.  Unfortunately, the ladder we brought wasn't tall enough to reach the some of my decorations went down the drain. But that's ok. It still turned out great, and we all had a lot of fun!  That's what it's really about right? 

Now, MOST of the things I bought for this party were from the dollar store. (which, btw, is my favorite place in the world)  There were a couple of things I just had to have and spend a bit more on, but the most expensive item for the entire party was the purple chandelier. which I got for $15 that I didnt get to hang anyways, and got to take back! lol....not to shabby though huh?

So heres a list of some of the things I did....

*The Activities.
We had the party in the daycare room at a local civic center. It was super cheap to rent out and was full of fun toys!!
Each child had a craft to make for an activity.  The girls had princess wands and the boys had Kings crowns.  I got them all at the dollar store along with the stickers to decorate them with.  They were a lot of fun to make and it was super easy clean up since there was no glue or markers or anything like that.  We also, had face painting!

* The birthday girl.
(you'll have to excuse this face, it was the only picture I got where you can see her shirt straight on)

This was a dress up party, so ofcourse my little princess had to look amazing.  I appliqued a 2 with a crown on it on a onsie, and a friend of mine made her a beautiful tu-tu! (which you can buy here) We put jewels in her hair(dollar store find) I got boa's, tiaras, and diamond rings for each girl(dollar store again).  At the beginning of this party I wasn't sure if I was going to invite any boys since it was a "princess party", but then I realized all my little princess' would need a prince charming or two! I made a "prince's cape" for each boy and (from the dollar store ofcourse) got them foam swords! They all look adorable!


Here is where I had some trouble.  I spent so much time making and preparing all of my decorations.  I suppose I didn't spend enough time making sure that I would be able to use them!! lol
I cut strips of toole and attached them to a cross stitch ring that I planned to hang in the center of the room and attach the ends of the toole to the outter corners of the ceiling to create a pink canopy affect.  However, like I said before, the ladder wasn't tall enough to do so.  My husband was able to throw some fishing wire up so we could hang one side of the ring atleast.  We used sticky tack and stuck the ends as high as we could on the wall. It didn't have quite the look I wanted, but it was still nice.

For the entrace, I cut out a castle door from a twin mattress box I got from a local furniture store.  I painted it light grey, then used a sponge with darker grey to make a brick affect.  Then I painted vines and hot glued flowers to it. I found some white sparkly fabric at the dollar store(ofcourse) and I bunched it up using clear hair elastics and hot glued that around the draw bridge door I cut out! It was easy and super cute!

On the tables I made little disco ball center pieces. (all from the dollar store.) They disco balls where just foam, so i stuck a wooden doulling in it, spray painted it pink hot glued a feather boa to the bottom and stuck it in a tin can filled with clay, and covered the clay with plastic diamonds. then i sprinkled the diamonds around on the tables. I also got some pink flowers and sprayed them with aerosole glitter! It looked adorable!
I also made a Princess Throne for the birthday girl to sit in at the head of the table. I got a hot pink lawn chair from the dollar store and tied pink toole around it just the same way you would tie toole on a tutu. It was so easy and all the little girls loved it. 
*The food.
For the adults I just had dips and snacks, and around them I placed pretty pink flowers to girly the table up.  For cups I got plastic wine glasses to make it more elegant. 
The cake was a TON of fun to make! and it turned out great! My daughter loved it, along with the other little girls!  It was simply two metal mixing bowls turned over on each other, covered in fondant sitting on some grass that was baked in a small casserole dish, and I just decorated it with tips. I used a string of pearls from the craft section at Walmart, and my little ponys to pull it.  I made a back drop for the cake to sit in front of out of a "science project board" I painted a sky and grass and put a castle decal on there I found at Walmart.  I covered the cake table in a princess masquito net I found at Jysk. It wa a big hit!
I had so much fun planning this party.  All of the craft projects were easy, and quick.  It was rather enexpensive for the amount of things I did.  Hope everyone had fun!


  1. Oh my gosh! This is such a cute party! And that cake is amazing :) Great job!

  2. I followed you from Make It and Love it, and I love this cake, you do such a great job. My little girl turns 2 in 6 months, and I really want to make this cake!!!! thanks for sharing!!

  3. The cake! The cake!! OMGosh!! The cake! Wait ~ the "throne". I'm dyin' here. In all over blog land, this is one of the best parties I've ever seen. Sign me up! I'm a follower.

  4. I think this is the most beautifully amazing cake I've ever seen!!!



  5. Oh and your princess is trully grogeous!!!! :)