Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mama's Mother's Day Rag Quilt!

Me and my Rediculously Beautiful Mother, Rita Jo!!
My mother is the most amazing person in the world.  Literally.  She is now fighting cancer for the third time, unfortunately, and not doing quite as well as she has before.  We are not giving up, however, she is such a fighter and I know with the Lords help she can do anything...including beat this cancer!! For mothers day this year I decided to make her a rag quilt to remind her of all of the people that are rooting and praying for her to win this battle!! So I went to the fabric store, and I searched and searched for a fabric that would represent each member of our family.  I got one for my daddy, 2 for each of us kids, and one for each of the grandkids.  I was going to keep going and get some for my Grandaddy, Aunt and cousins, but I figured 15 different fabrics was enough.  Then I patterned them by age of the person they represent (i like the idea of random quilting, but my personality forbids it haha). 
 Anyways, I cut out 12 squares of each fabric all 6x6in. You need 2 squares of fabric per square on your quilt (one for the back and one for the front).  So I ended up with 90 squares. I did 9 square across and 10 squares down.  I love rag quilting because it is SO much easier than actually making a quilt. Having to back it and quilt it and yada yada.  Plus I think a rag quilt is more comfy like a "blanky" than a regular quilt. 
 Anyways, since my squares were so small I didnt need to sew an X on them or anything.  I just sewed them together by rows and then sewed the rows together making sure the seams would all end up on the same side of the blanket.  Then you cut the fabric so its fringey and wash and dry it so it will fray.  TA DA so easy cute, and special!! 
I think it turned out really well and I love the total mis match look of it.  I know she'll love it! I'm so proud of you mama!!


  1. Okay I am about to cry! That is the sweetest thing ever! Your Mom will love it! :)

  2. thank you for linking this post to the Boardwalk Bragfest. I love it. I think you forget to indicate that you are participating in the link party though. Would you please include a link in this post? If you're not sure how, please revisit the blog and the instructions are there for you! Thanks so much!

  3. Ok...I so wish I could sew! And you are right...your mom IS ridiculously gorgeous!!! I see you inherited the look too though! I am going to follow you because I think I will really love what you have to share! Hope you will stop by my place sometime! Have a fab day!!!

  4. That turned out so cute. It will be a very special gift for your very special mom!

    Thanks for sharing at My Backyard Eden!